About Us

Eviza has been on the market for 20 years.

We started our own production right after the start of the activity.

With the joint efforts of a team of specialists, we built a chain of stores where we distribute the production on the domestic market.

We started sales including wholesale and then European markets.

In recent years, the company has increased its range very quickly.

We have developed the variety of bodysuits, dresses, wedges, satin products.

We started manufacturing wedges for pregnant and tightening bikinis after birth.

We have increased the range by satisfying the market for wool products for the winter with very high quality.

We produce over 5000 items and have donated over 600 kinds of fabrics with a variety of all colors.

We also make individual orders with color change and individual sizes.

Including formal dresses for ball or special occasions.

The creation of an online store Eviza was an inevitable move for all our customers from the country and abroad to have easy access to our production.

Everyone who has once become a customer of Eviza has not given up on using our services for the future!

We give quality assurance and our customers’ satisfaction is a reward for our efforts.

We thank All our clients, who support the Bulgarian and say positively!

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