I. Order

1.1. Ways to order

The customer can place an order on the website of Eviza BG through:

1. username and password registration;

2. directly via the "Order as Guest" option;

3. by phone 0700 20 994.

1.2. Necessary conditions for placing an order

1. Valid email address.

2. Exact delivery and billing address data.

3. True contact details - names and phone number to contact.

1.3. Order Confirmation

1.3.1. For orders on the website of Eviza BG

Activating the order of a particular commodity is done by pressing the "Confirm order" button.

If you place an order, you will receive an order confirmation at your e-mail address.

Upon completion of the order process, by clicking on the "Confirm the order" button, you explicitly agree to a distance contract.

1.3.2. When ordering by phone

If the order is made by phone, you receive a confirmation of the order according to the method you choose:

1. at a valid email address specified; By receiving the confirmation and general terms and conditions of Eviza BG, you are deemed to be notified and agree to the terms and conditions, unless you withdraw the order immediately;

2. by courier together with the goods ordered for purchase; Once you receive the confirmation, you must sign it and return it to us, which you consider to be informed and agree to the terms and conditions.

1.4. Order processing

The requested orders are processed within one business day of their receipt unless they are made on Friday after 18:00 on a weekend or on an official non-working day and then processed on the first business day and the delivery time is calculated not - from that day.

1.5. Payment methods

The customer may make the payment:

1. by credit or debit card using the PayPal express checkout method;

2. with payment at the moment of receipt of the goods by a courier.


II. Delivery

2.1. Place on delivery

Deliveries are made by a courier company in time. The client can choose:

1. delivery to an address specified by him / her;

2. to a designated office of the courier company in the respective city;


2.2. Delivery time

The delivery is made within 5 business days of the date of automatic confirmation by e-mail of the order made.

2.3. Shipping fee

Delivery cost is 5.90 leva.


III. Replacement and claim

3.1. The Customer has the right to replace the purchased product within 7 days of its receipt by filling in the replacement form if:

1. the goods received do not correspond to the goods ordered for purchase;

2. there is a factory defect;

3. returned goods are not dirty or damaged and returned to their original packaging;

4. the customer submitted a receipt for the purchased goods.

5. the amount ordered by the customer is inaccurate.

3.2. "Eviza BG" replaces the purchased goods with another good of the same type and quality or, in the absence thereof, with a good of choice to the customer for the same value. If the product was in a reduced price promotion, the customer is entitled to a replacement with another item at the same price that the customer actually paid to Eviza BG.

3.3. No returns and replacement goods made for individual size orders, swimwear and lingerie are subject to return and replacement, unless a factory defect exists.

3.4. The transportation costs of returning the goods and delivering the goods to be replaced are at the expense of the Customer.


IV. Cancel and return

4.1. Within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods, the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract and return the goods without giving any reason and without indemnity or indemnity.

4.2. The right of withdrawal is exercised through the single denial form available on the website of Eviza BG at https://evizabg.com/index.php?route=account/return/add.

4.3. To exercise the right of withdrawal it is necessary:

1. the client should indicate the name, address and exact details of the bank account to which the contract amount should be refunded.

2. provide details of the order and the exact date of the notification of the withdrawal of the contract.

3. On returning the consignment, the integrity of the package of the delivered product shall be preserved.

4. On return, all components of the original shipment from Eviza BG shall be recovered:

· The delivered product, back with

· Gift from "Eviza BG" store - depending on the value of the order

· The documents included in the shipment - cash receipt is necessary to determine the amount of the amount to be recovered.

4.4. The cost of delivery of the returned goods is at the expense of the Customer. The return value of the goods will be deducted from the price of the entire order paid for the goods by the Customer, except when the Customer organizes himself and returns the goods for his own account.

4.5. Value of the order, after deduction of costs for